Being born in San Diego in the early 80’s was like being born in hell. At a young age FREAKS had alot to overcome. Losing a father, a mother overran with depression, & being raised in a set of California’s notorious SECTION 8 housings is something that definitely effected him at a young age. Between the meth addicted fiends & the drug related drive-bys, the only thing that FREAKS was able to feel comfortable with was music. “He was always singing when he was young. He would sing songs on the radio & even make up his own songs.” his mother says of the talented emcee. Around the age of 5 his mother bought FREAKS a stereo. That’s when FREAKS discovered HIP-HOP while tuning in to different stations between commercials. He began freestyling before he really knew what it meant. He was so excited to hear music that he could relate to, began rapping when he was bored or just trying to entertain himself & did this for several years. When FREAKS was in 6th grade, he heard some kids rapping on a playground at school. He approached them, & being the odd-man out, the other kids began to harass him in their lyrics. This is where the battler was born. Not only did FREAKS battle that day with the students, but he has since traveled the country, winning numerous battle tournaments and has had the reputation in & around southern california for being “that dude”. After discussion with a local independent label, Vulgar Records, FREAKS released his first album titled “UNTITLED” in 1999. Being an inexperienced label & studio, Vulgar Records was unable to provide quality studios & FREAKS was forced to recording in bathrooms & bedrooms. With no major buzz & no decent production, the project failed to sell. Vulgar Records & FREAKS then repeated the results again in 2001, releasing 2 albums the same day “Ill Freakwency: The Horror Disc” & “Ill Freakwency: The Hiphop Disc”, which also didn’t sell up to expectations. During this time, FREAKS had been attending more & more emcee battles, usually leaving with a victory & sharpening his rap skills. He also got his promotion game up while promoting for other rappers such as Bad Azz, The Roots, Snoop Dogg, Ruff Rydaz, Twiztid & more. Around 2002, he met with producer Jason “JP” Pearl of Grim Reality Entertainment. JP, being impressed with FREAKS’ ability to walk the fine line of rugged rap, lyricism, & comedic rhymes had signed him to a deal for 1 album. This is the same time FREAKS met fellow label mates Insane Poetry, Lowdown & Spark, Compton Cisco, and Tre Dizzle. After recording for GRE for roughly a year; FREAKS, TRE DIZZLE & COMPTON CISCO decided to branch off & create their own group of artists: DAMMIT BOY PRODUCTIONS. With Dammit Boy releasing numerous high quality projects such as “Gangsta Zone”, “From Under The Underground”, “There Goes Tha Neighborhood” and a joint venture series of mixtapes with dj West West, Dammit Boy has created a buzz like no other. With each release gaining the attention of mainstream artists, labels and distribution, Dammit Boy Productions is ready to take the next step. FREAKS is currently working on his new album “Cadillacs and Battle Raps” featuring songs with Lil Wayne, Spice 1, Keak Da Sneak, The Outlawz, Yukmouth, The Game and more!

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