Tre Dizzle, born in Anaheim, CA was raised in Beaumont, TX where he was always the center of attention for family entertainment. After attending Al Fan’s Theatrical Theatre at a young age, he was looking for a stage wherever he could create one. A family get together without a Tre Dizzle performance was unheard of. At age 12, he moved back to California where he was the DJ for a group called the PH Boys. This led the way for Tre to begin mastering his own craft of rapping. The PH Boys were cut short by another turn in Tre’s life that sent him back to Texas until returning back to Garden Grove, CA at age 16. In 1996 Tre met up with a young rapper from Chicago named Myle. Myle & Tre started a rap group called Flatline Entertainment. Flatline recorded 2 albums together 1997’ s “Come and Take a Ride” and 2000’s “353:2000 AD” which also included another artist by the name of Bogard. During the Flatline Years, Tre was doing a lot of production work and began working with other artist and became a member of The Nightbreed. This is where he began working with Compton Cisco, Insane Poetry, Thadius and many other artist in the OC area. Tre used this arena to perfect his lyrics and style and in 2003 started his own group of artist, DAMMIT BOY PRODUCTIONS, with Compton Cisco and Freaks. In 2008 Tre moved to Houston Texas where he met J.R. Both being from California they immediately clicked and began working as Dammit Boy South while Freaks and Compton Cisco worked Dammit Boy West.

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