DBV4: J.R. Presents Quality Over Quantity

DBV4: J.R. Presents Quality Over Quantity

Free Download Release Date: April 16th, 2012 Intro Grind Or Die – J.R. ft Yung Slay It’s Hell – J.R. ft Yung Slay Ready Or Not – J.R. Feelin So West – J.R., Tre Dizzle Get Turned Up – J.R., Tre Dizzle Weekend – J.R., Tre Dizzle Swag Up – J.R., Yung LV The Motto – J.R., Dange […]

The UN Presents The Change We Believe In (2009)

Download UN Intro Burn This City – J-No Drank On My Polo – J-No, Jroq & GC Hustler – J-Roq, J-No, Ant Dogg, Travis & Tre Dizzle Maan Shawty Fine – Ant Dogg, J-Roq & Tre Dizzle Skeet Skeet (Freestyle) – Kez Carmel Paste – I-10 Connected Intro My President Is Black (Snippit) – Young […]

DBV3: Freaks Presents There Goes The Neighborhood

Free Download Release Date: 2006 Download Intro Hothead – Freaks The Shit – Cyco, Freaks, Compton Cisco, Tre Dizzle, Teiko What Would You Do – Freaks That’s How We Get Down – Freaks, Tre Dizzle, Compton Cisco Up In The West – Compton Cisco, Tre Dizzle, Freaks Run – Freaks I Remember – Freaks, Compton […]

DBV2: Tre Dizzle Presents From Under The Underground

Free Download Release Date: 2006 From Under The Underground – Tre Dizzle Dammit Boy – Tre Dizzle This Is How We Ride – Freaks, Compton Cisco, Female Menice, Tre Dizzle, KB Peekin Thru ya Back – Insane Poetry, Tre Dizzle You Ain’t The Man – Tre Dizzle, Payne Theory, Freaks Time Slippin Away – Tre […]

DBV1: Compton Cisco Presents Gangsta Zone

Free Download Release Date: 2005 Intro – Compton Cisco Give It To You – Compton Cisco Get Ya Bang On – Daddy V, Chill, WC Criminal Set – Compton Cisco Heartless – Insane Poetry RBX – RBX Up In These Streets – Teiko, Compton Cisco & Daddy V Holla At Ya Boy – Daddy V […]

Thanksgiving Settlement Concert | Sun.Nov.26th, 2007

EVENT: 2MEX PERFORMING LIVE in Orange County!! Along with : 5TH BATTALION – ORDENANCE – I.K. – DAMMIT BOY PRODUCTIONS -M.I.S.O.L TRIBE & RYMASYLUM Hosted by “Angel Baby” FM 88.3 Riverside LOCATION: Club Incahoots / Club Rio – 1401 S Lemon St FULLERTON, CA 92832 telephone: 714-441-1666 with special appearances by: The Chiva Girls and […]

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