R.I.P. M.C. Wickett Crickett

Today I received the call that I had been secretly dreading for quite some time. It pains me to even have to type these words, My Brother M.C. Wickett Crickett passed this afternoon. He was so much more than a Mentor or Friend, HE WAS FAMILY. He was a Big Brother to me. He showed me things I had never seen, taught me things I didn\’t know, and last but not least always kept it 1000% 24/7. We at Dammit Boy Productions would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family. Please pray with us for the family that has lost way more than WE could imagine. To you my Brother I will miss all the wisdom, the laughter, and most of all the conversations. I will continue to promote your legacy so that you continue to inspire others. Thank you Bro

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